The Bank of America Cash App is a mobile banking app that lets you make purchases, transfer funds and check your balance. You can also use it to pay bills and set up alerts for account activity.

You should know what a credit score is before applying for a Bank of America credit card because this information will help you determine whether or not you are eligible for one.

Bank of America App: How to Download and Apply for a Credit Card

The Bank of America® app is the easiest way to access your accounts, manage your money, and get the latest news. You can download the app today on both IOS and Android devices!

How to download the Bank of America App on an iPhone®

  • To download the Bank of America app on an iPhone®:
  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone® and search for "Bank of America."
  • Download and open the app from here, then sign in with your username and password from this website ( or create an account if you don't have one yet. There are no charges for using this service, but be aware that not all banks allow downloading their mobile banking apps onto other devices like iPads®, Android phones or other platforms—so check first before downloading anything else onto your device that could affect its performance in some way!
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Downloading the Bank of America App on Android™ Devices

To download the Bank of America app on your Android™ smartphone or tablet, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search for Bank of America mobile app (the name will vary depending on what type of device you have).
  • Click Install and accept any permissions requested by downloading and installing the app.
  • When prompted to install an update, select "Yes."
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Get the Bank of America App today

The Bank of America app is a great way to manage your finances and make payments. This is especially handy if you're going out of town, as it allows you to quickly transfer funds between accounts when necessary.

The app also lets users access other features like:

  • Bill pay - Paying bills through the mobile banking app is quick and easy! Just click "Pay Bills" in My Account, then select the bill(s) that need payment from another source (like checking or savings). 
  • Then choose how much each bill will be paid; enter contact information for anyone who must receive payment; set up recurring payments and expiration dates if needed; add notes about why this particular bill needs immediate attention; and submit payment when complete.* Check balance - You can check your balance on either credit card accounts or debit/checking accounts using this convenient feature.
  • View recent transactions - This feature shows recent purchases made using Mastercard® Debit Card Plus™ Visa Electron™ debit cards issued by Bank of America National Trust & Savings Association ("BANA"). If there are any pending charges against these cards those balances will appear here.
  • Transfer funds - Withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide and deposit into checking or savings account at any branch location across USA including branches located overseas such as Jamaica."

You can download the bank of America app on IOS or Android devices!

There are two ways to download the Bank of America app.

First, you can use your device's search function and type in "Bank of America" (or whatever bank you want). Then, once you've found it, click on the icon or link that appears next to its name. When prompted for a password, enter an email address and password for an account with this specific institution. 

Once logged in successfully, choose the option to "Download App." This will bring up a page that shows all available apps for this particular device running on iOS or Android operating systems respectively. You'll then be able to download whichever one is appropriate based on these requirements:

  • iOS: A minimum screen resolution of 640x960 pixels; iPhone 4S or later models only supported
  • Android: A minimum screen resolution of 1280x720 pixels


We hope we've helped you learn more about how to download the Bank of America app on your mobile device. The app is easy to use and has tons of features that make it a great way to manage your finances. You can even find out about personalized alerts for when your card gets used at a store or ATM machine near you!